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rogue gunner

I have just started watching this compelling series, bloody duvays what ever happend to bed blocks? lol



Great post. Mack- my husband said the exact same thing!! "Quilts? We never had any bloody quilts!"

Royal Blue

my boyfriend was exactly the same I think all of the guys who have been around a while are up in arms about the lack of quilts in training! :-)


Hey girl, where you at? :o)

renaissance costume

I have watched the series too.. Great one..

Nursing gowns

The biggest member of the troop was a man-mountain called Tom Curry, known as Vinders (Vindaloo), who had passed out of Lympstone a year ago.

cna certification test

she got same style with lady gaga. hmm... is it? though she appears first than Lady Gaga
i couldn't watch the video. *sigh*

Things to do in York

I will watch the series. Thanks for this post.

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